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The late night coding session

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    Florian Bellmann

Late night coding sessions have a special feeling. They have a soothing effect and transcend calmness.

It's an intimate time. Perhaps you had to carve out the time of a busy day or needed to wait for the kids to go to bed. You have a delicious tea going, a breeze coming in through the open window. There is only you and the computer.

To me, these are the most enjoyable coding experiences. I get to explore new technologies, I have the opportunity to create and I can choose what it will be.

Late night coding is free of interruptions or deadlines. In our day jobs, we are often under pressure to deliver. When we dive into a topic, we often read the documentation simply to solve the current problem. We must finish our task in the time that we committed to. Sometimes, we only have an hour or two between meetings and we know that we need to make that time count. Otherwise over hours have to cover for our lack of progress.

Coding at night means everything else of the day is done. Leave your mind to wonder. Take your time to read and understand.

This is where learning sticks and where new projects arise.

This is when my love to code is rekindled.