Florian Bellmann

Engineering manager and lead full-stack developer
Motius GmbH

It’s not about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen.

About Me

I'm Florian Bellmann, currently based in Munich. Originally from a town close to Cologne. I work as an engineering manager and lead full-stack developer at Motius GmbH. I am a twin dad, married, passionate yogi and like plant-based foods. In the chaos of parenthood and a busy work life, I find peace through meditation and mindfulness. I read a lot and utilize writing as a tool to structure my mind as well as share my experiences.

When not immersed in family activities, the world of technology or exploring the realms of the mind, you'll find me on the volleyball court.

In my leisure time, I love coding side-projects and tinkering with my Raspberry Pis. Even planning to run a cluster soon ❀️.

My favorite tech stack at the moment is rust, TypeScript + Next.js and python.

Workflow & Tools

I use Neovim LogoNeovim by the way. It's at the core of my workflow and my personalised development environment (PDE) is built around it. I'm a big fan of the command line and love to build my own tools.

My daily driver is MacOS, though I choose Linux for my servers and Raspberry Pis.

Other tools I like include:
WezTerm, Gitlab, Lazygit, nnn, Slack, Obsidian and Trello (for which I built my own automation plugin).

Work experience

I've been on a journey of building software and managing projects since 2012.

MotiusMotius, Munich, Germany

Cluster Lead & Lead Tech Specialist

Cluster Lead & Senior Tech Specialist

Empowerempower, Cologne, Germany

Head Of Product Development - Cross Platform

Cross Platform Software Engineer

ID MediaI-D Media AG, Cologne, Germany

Software Developer / Technical Consultant

For a detailed overview of my work experience, please visit my LinkedIn profile.


TH KoelnUniversity of Applied Sciences, Cologne

Bachelor of Science in Business Informatics

IHK KoelnGeorg-Simon-Ohm Professional School, Cologne

IHK Computer Science Expert

Time abroad

New ZealandNew Zealand & Australia

Work & Travel

Extended travel through New Zealand and Australia during which I lived in a van. At that time I worked on a farm and as a construction worker. It was an incredible journey from which I still benefit today. It taught me so much about myself and the world. An amazing adventure.