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Why I blog

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    Florian Bellmann

Simon Sinek says: "Start with why". So, let's go!

Reoccurring thoughts

Content creation has been on my mind for years. It was an urge that came back to me multiple times. I always liked the idea of doing something else next to the normal work at my job. Having something like a brand of my own. A way of expressing myself and my interests. Being me.

A common way for many people to achieve this is by starting a company. I never truly thought about that as I am not sure if I could handle the risk and pressure of 'making it' well. Since I'm a software engineer, freelancing was more interesting. In the end, I stuck with being an employee, and I honestly think it suits my strengths best. Nevertheless, being me/myself somehow stayed as a wish.

Problems with the vision

Like many people, I assume, I discarded these ideas often. Mostly because I didn't think I had valuable information to share. Why would anyone want to hear what I have to say? Every time I found something to talk about, I googled 5 minutes and found an X amount of people already doing the same thing. My expectations were too high, I was thinking too big. In the end, I didn't want to make money and live from it. It's an addition to what I'm already doing.

Perfect is the enemy of good.

The final push

Next to content creation, inside me there is a wish to get better at communication, presentation and persuasion. These skills are universal and will elevate my performance and success in all other areas of life. It's a meta-skill.

Through content creation, I will have to force myself out of my comfort zone and explore writing, YouTubing or other formats. Along the way, I need to get familiar with the tools and processes. And I will be exposed to my communication and presentation skills again and again.

What would success look like?

So it doesn't matter if no one reads my posts. If all fails, the acquired skills will be a success. With no expectations other than this, I am free to try out formats and see if I enjoy what I'm doing.

Blogging is the first format that I want to try.

The followers are a bonus and they might come when I get better. It would be amazing if someone is entertained by what I do or draws a benefit from it.

I do my best to be me and provide something interesting! :)